The iPhone is not a Phone!

Just been reading up on the Apple iPhone announcements and it looks really cool. BUT it is not a phone, what phone requires you to press a button before you start dialing and I still didn’t see in Apple’s videos how to get a dial pad up quickly.

Now my Windows Smartphone my have its problems but if I want to dial somebody I just dialing their number or entering their name on the keypad and in a few presses I can dial their number. The iPhone UI looks cool but seems to me that it forgets to be a phone so really it is an iPod Phone, i.e. a music player first and a phone second, and that is what this post on it being a PDA done right argues as well. Not so sure about it being a full PDA yet though, what about over the air email sync?

So cool, good first try, but not a phone.


One thought on “The iPhone is not a Phone!

  1. the interface is everything.

    I’ve used a smartphone with touchscreen (Moto A1000) and it take’s a long time to figure out. People really just want buttons to push, not this smart “dual scroll” that the iphone has.

    it will end up being neither an ipod or a phone.


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