It Lives!

Yesterday saw the public launch of something we have been working on for some time. SmartPeak ( is the start of a new direction for our parent company as we seek to show the wider enterprise market the benefits of using workload management software on their Windows systems. Up till know we have been working quietly away in the terminal server market delivering huge benefits in system utilisation. With this new venture we are taking our technology into the remaining Windows market to enable (1) consolidation of products unsuitable for current virualisation technologies (such as SQL server) and (2) improved QoS guarentees across all Windows systems.

When it comes down to it the Windows scheduler is just not really that intelligent and no matter how fast your machine you still end up looking at the hour glass cursor far too often as it spins its wheels doing something while you wait. What if you could make sure that the important programs for you got priority, or even that no matter what anything you run will be given a fair share of the CPU. Well workload management gives you just that. And yesterday is just the start as we seek to bring those benefits to a wider audience. In my role of setting the technology direction for SmartPeak I am really excited about what we have to offer. Stay tuned for the ride, it is going to be huge!


3 thoughts on “It Lives!

  1. Firstly SmartPeak WLM is supported on many more Windows variants from Windows 2000 through to Windows Server 2008, including both desktop and (all) server variants.
    SmartPeak WLM offers far more configurability than WSRM allowing you to configure resource allocation to either users or applications on an individual basis offering far more granularity in the management of your computing resource. In addition there are a number of event based rules in the product allowing you to change the resource allocation dependent upon whether the application is in the foreground/background/minimized or the desktop itself is locked or unlocked, enabling resource to directed to relevant tasks dependent upon the system state. And lots, lots, more.
    Finally it offers the ability to manage a set of servers from a single point using a deployment tool to push out configurations without having to visit each server individually.

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